These are the programs needed to Play on XenaRO:
1. kRO [the version has to be no older than 3 months, recommend kRO](data.grf in RO folder)[Download 2.0GB]

2. XenaRO Server Patch(Download Below)
Click on the button below if you don't have #1,2 or they are out-dated.

*If downloading takes a long time for you, try using a download accelerator such as this
Click the button below to obtain the latest version of XenaRO Server Patch
(a must-have file to play on XenaRO).

Download from Local Mirror

Q:I am getting missing DLL erros, what should I do?
A: Download this and extract them in your RO folder.
Q:I keep getting error and crashes, what should I do?
A:Update your Sakray by clicking update sakray icon on your desktop.
Q:I get error/freezes while updating. what should I do?

A:Your KSakray is too outdated, please redownload a newer one by clicking here.
Q:I can't connect to XenaRO after I mixed the RO folder with some other servers,what can I do?

A:Go to your RO folder and delete triadpatchlist and launch XenaRO.(don't click Xena.exe)