• New Mounts for Every Class
  • We Understand that traveling in RO by feet is kind of boring and slow sometimes. That's why we allow everyone to experience the new mounts! There is no quest/hunting needed! You get to enjoy them once you completed the Training Ground!
  • Racial System
  • 2 additional race playable by players are added to bring more variety and customizations to the game. Furthermore, each of the 3 has their own racial bonus!
  • MultiJob System
  • In original RO, you need to create a new character in order for you to experience another class. Then you need to transfer your items/zeny using various ways everytime you decided to switch between these characters. This is very irritating especially when you have many different characters, and it makes your characters feel like separate accounts and not as a whole. Therefore we have created a new system that allows you to switch between jobs on a single character on the go! Meaning that you will never have to waste time on transfers again and you don't even need to logout for this to happen!
  • 3rd Class Re-balancing
  • The original 3rd Class was intended to be the ultimate class of RO, thus making them stronger than all the other classes. We disliked this idea, so in Aurora, 3rd class are modified to have equal power that of a transcendent class. They only have skills from their own class and 1st class.
  • To be continued...