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Post time: 2015-8-19 18:55:41
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´╗┐Runescape players are now able to bring up their phones during Parachuting Jobs to quit out.Destroyed vehicles with no insurance will now be displayed as scrapped in mechanic and garage menus.The Homing Launcher has been rebalanced to have increased reload times, reduced firing rate, and an increase to the resilience of large capacity planes against it. Request Heist has been added to Lester's Contact Menu. This will only show Heists that have already been completed, as well as only showing if one is available.Runescape players can play a random Heist Setup or Finale as a Heist Crew Member via Quick Job. They are able to join an open Heist lobby directly or wait for the Heist to fill up while On Call.A new blip has been added for vehicles with Turrets.Generic / Miscellaneous fixes Runescape Online PS4 / Xbox OneFixed an issue where Runescape players could receive error messages rskfc  and being requested to re-complete the tutorial when attempting to join friends.Fixed an issue where choosing different fuel tanks on the Bagger could cause the rear brake light to disappear.Fixed an issue where Runescape players could become stuck in an unexpected camera view after completing a Parachuting Job.Fixed an issue where Runescape players could become stuck on a black screen if they constantly changed TV channels.Fixed an issue where the screen could flash when moving back to Runescape Online after leaving a Next Job Voting Screen.Fixed an issue where the same vehicle could show as hardtop and convertible to different Runescape players.Fixed an issue where a Runescape player's mental state could increase during a test run of a UGC Runescape Race.Fixed an issue where it was possible to become stuck when accepting an invite to a Contact Mission.Fixed a small text issue in an Alert message when an apartment owner requested all Runescape players leave their apartment. This text does not show to the apartment owner.Fixed an issue on the Weapons page (Pause Stats Weapons) where incorrect weapon descriptions could show if the pages were scrolled through too quickly.Fixed an issue where incorrect messages about Survivals not being available could show in Solo Sessions.Fixed an issue where it was possible to hang / become stuck on a black screen when entering the cinema.Fixed an issue where Runescape players were unable to access Runescape gamer Cards on the Playlist Leaderboard screen.Fixed an issue where Runescape players could become stuck if their opponent quit out of a 2 Runescape player Deathmatch.Fixed an issue where a button prompt for filtering Deathmatches in the Online Job menu stayed on screen when it shouldn't have.

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