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Author: InuYasha

You & XenaRO [ Promote this link! ]

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Post time: 2010-9-10 02:41:42
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†™ Everyone begins from being a NOOB ™†
Survival of the Fittest. The Strong Shall Live the Weak Shall Die!!!

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Post time: 2010-10-16 21:28:02
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Your in game name(s)
□□□□□ □ □□□□□□□□□, □□□□□ □, □□□□□, [y2k]melo, lIl o lIl

Where are you from?

How old are you?
Old enough

What kind of personality do you have?(i.e. friendly,mean,lazy,diligent,outgoing,shy,retarded )
friendly,lazy,diligent, sometimes retarded

What are your interests?
Online Games, PUzzle

How long have you been playing XenaRO?
3,4,5 not really sure... what i remember when i start playing i idolize this people ( inwe, suezo, and most of the member of the 'The Family' guild

Are you still active?

How did you find out about XenaRO?
when i play in the internet cafe

What do you like about XenaRO?
WOE, PVP, and Capture the Flag event(why its gone?)

What are your dislikes about XenaRO?
scammers, lamers and cheaters in woe

What would you do you like to see more in XenaRO in the future?(Rank the list below in order of importance, meaning if you put -Events(3) -Quests(1) -Security(2), that means you would like to see more quest added in XenaRO than security/events, and more security than event, and so on. Please feel free to add more as you wish.):
1 more mid headgears like evilwing ears[1],ELven ears[1] angel ears, Binocular[1]

-Custom Systems(Instance system from 3rd class servers,instance loot system from 3rd class,Clan War,Duel Match)
-Mini-Games(Soccer,Capture the flag,Battlegrounds)
-Automated Events(Jumper,Turbo Race)
-Quests(Sharingan quest, Arctic Wing quest)
-Up to date with kRO(new clients, monsters, maps, jobs, kRO new contents)
-More instances(Endless tower)
-More donation rewards
-More assistance(Sub-GMs)
-More Ranking(Best MvP, Best Guild, Best PvP)

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Post time: 2011-3-2 17:12:27
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1 big problem we need player!!

gm please can you add a more productive way to meet players. like to lend you donate an item for 3weeks to provide opportunities for new players feel has also rates donate items and then give strength to kill MVP? i cannot explain more if u want ask me for details at xenaro ideas pm me my name is Hang lekir

sory for this disrespectful POST

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Post time: 2011-5-4 23:01:43
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i need help here

omg ..may i ask u guys somrthing.....wat is drop rate % in the low rate sever im mean ( reborn )..cause im been hunt for the smokie card ..for 2 - 3 days..and it dont drop..and i did check on wed site..it said the drop rate of the card is 0.02 % ..and the kitte band is 0.01 %..( it drop like more then 10 kitte band.) no card at all......can any1 please help

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Post time: 2011-7-12 21:07:26
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Hii i'm Gerardo Adrian Martinez Sosa (Full Name)

1.-My char's names are: YHAM YHAM etc. etc. i think it's enough

2.-I'm FromPHIL

3.-I'm 18 yeas Old

4.-I'm Frendly almost all the time i guess (Mean Sometimes)

5.-My Interests are the Boys */pif* , Soccer, make Friends =D

6.-Well i started at Hmmm I dont remember XD

7.-IM still Active

8.-I have a Own LopTop

9.-Umm i guess Few PopulatiOn, that's all o.o

10.-Well i think Security(2), More assistance(1), ) and that's all for me

ahh it's just a SuggestiiOn Is Please OfF The Equipmets View So it cAnt see the Equip of Player's

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┼~Gone And Never Be Back In G

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Post time: 2011-8-10 03:57:02
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hmm O_O
I do rmb i played it for 5 years that time now i think will be added on to 6 i guess i forgot everything about xena LOL

i did notice after inu started this topic he ain't posting at all
Nor commenting

do comment sometimes. If you start a topic in terms of asking about peoples personality and getting to know them. do reply to what they say.
WHY? because it's important for an admin to communicate to players to know what they want as updates and such as this is important to the server.
and also when you ask for a opportunity to know the players it will for sure be given as players wishes to have the admin hear their voices since the admin himself wishes to know more.
And by not replying. an impression of you open the topic just for the sake of shutting their mouths that ur not active will be implemented OR ELSE it will be a big disappointment to players.
Well thats my comment for this thread. i have not been online for too long and thus i will not comment anything in game.
But solely on this topic itself
Thanks, i wish you will take what i said into heavy consideration
Xena has been up for almost 7 years already. it be an waste to see it go down which no oldbies wish to as all of them hugged onto the glimpse of smallhope YOU gave them each time u implemented an update but shortly after you disappeared.
I Do hope that if you wish to be inactive.
A Chance of being a coadmin is to be given to a worthy and trustworthy player to manage xenaro in your absence.
And of course more gm and a way for the gm and coadmin to contact you of course.

Thank you,
Boon Teck,

ign : chaos slinger ,Chaos archer , A h B o o n , AhBoon , V e r g i l

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Post time: 2012-3-17 05:17:07
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GM where all my item why is it empty my character names is Hatred Thanatos

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Post time: 2013-6-14 02:25:52
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Post time: 2013-8-13 18:35:43
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A man goes to church and starts talking to God. He says: "God, what is a million dollars to you?" and God says: "A penny", then the man says: "God, what is a million years to you?" and God says: "a second", then the man says: "God, can I have a penny?" and God says "In a second"

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Post time: 2016-5-13 23:16:50
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last post was 2013 , damn miss u guys.

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Post time: 2017-12-16 08:53:08
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is this game is dead

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