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Feburary 04 2011 Upcoming Updates

Publisher: InuYasha | Publish time: 2011-2-4 21:32| Views: 8338| Num of Comments: 12|Thread manage logs

Here are a list of items I am working on RIGHT NOW:
Soccer will have 2 additional modes added:
-No skill Mode
-No PK Mode
-You will now get 1 less Bravery Badge from winning Soccer
-AFK detection

Duel Match System(1v1 ranked PK):
-Will be coming back with new features
-Top players will receive rewards on weekly basis

All the unfinished January Updates.

Latest comments

radian Post time 2011-2-4 21:41:42
Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
hellspit Post time 2011-2-4 22:47:49
waaa! so its really exciting when SOCCER time but its hard to get BG Badges
cause if u didnt win you gain nothing   am i right?
or win or not you will gain it?

so far so good
OldSohai Post time 2011-2-4 22:56:37
Pvp rank is kinda awesome..
Aerith Post time 2011-2-4 23:46:46
Fair soccer
well yesterday was my last "evil mode" in soccer i think xD
OldSohai Post time 2011-2-5 00:34:45
i remember the 1v1 battle will announce the Player names and the result for winner and loser..right?

[ Last edited by  OldSohai at 2011-2-5 01:18 ]
chichao Post time 2011-2-5 23:44:15
nice update admin
jomar16 Post time 2011-2-6 21:35:47
Fair soccer, its a good update.

and i the pvp ranked. was cool too. i miss the old times
djandal0603 Post time 2011-2-7 04:33:46
Omigod! 1v1 duel match system again. its fun when you always win and have to fight the players who are lined up :>
kimkimpoii Post time 2011-2-7 09:54:11
Inu, please also Fix the Close and Open Equips. We can't close are equips, even though we already click the box. Please Fix it.
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