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March 02 2011 Updates

Publisher: InuYasha | Publish time: 2011-3-3 00:14| Views: 15243| Num of Comments: 38|Thread manage logs

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bobochan91 Post time 2011-3-6 01:32:39
inu plz fix 3rd job skill and how to get warg .
Snowball Post time 2011-3-10 08:54:54
Tzipers03 Post time 2011-3-11 09:29:36
admin inu fix my 2 3rd job account still not get 3rd job skills.
djandal0603 Post time 2011-3-12 06:24:43

Reply #21 bobochan91's post

did you try getting a warg/wolf flute?

[ Last edited by  djandal0603 at 2011-3-12 21:26 ]
bobochan91 Post time 2011-3-12 23:43:59

Reply #24 djandal0603's post

wolf flute XD
radian Post time 2011-3-13 01:27:08
Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
djandal0603 Post time 2011-3-13 07:34:28

Reply #25 bobochan91's post

no srsly did you try getting one?
OldSohai Post time 2011-3-13 07:55:21
yes, need wolf flute to summon Warg. but there is no way to get the Wolf Flute
carlo_S123 Post time 2011-3-13 11:08:56
INU fix the 3rd class skill
Light~Angel Post time 2011-3-13 13:42:32
Fix it >.<
Sura 999999 with Gate of Hell >.>
Aerith Post time 2011-3-13 23:18:52
yes fix it pleease...my waderer is weak.... die easily... >.< no defense xD
djandal0603 Post time 2011-3-14 03:37:35
did you try killing wolf's? thats when I got the warg flute when I was playing @ some 3rd job server
Tzipers03 Post time 2011-3-15 04:22:53
here in prontera have breeder npc now u can get wolf
UchihaItachi Post time 2011-3-15 10:11:17
Magic damage based Soul Breaker.
Reinhart Post time 2011-3-17 15:27:23
Fix 3rd class skill limitatuons. I maxed out 1st and 2nd job skills and i still cant put skills on 3rd...
OldSohai Post time 2011-3-17 21:34:11
find me in game sparda
Ford Post time 2011-3-19 17:00:51
seems like sogay will do the blowjob thing with yah sparding     give him a shot
carlo_S123 Post time 2011-3-19 22:38:10
rensonxd Post time 2011-5-17 08:21:11
Originally posted by Fullmetal at 2011-3-3 03:59

disable phreeoni card

LOL? disable it? what will happen next? -__- how can we kill Flee Types? >_<

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