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March 02 2011 Updates

Publisher: InuYasha | Publish time: 2011-3-3 00:14| Views: 15003| Num of Comments: 38|Thread manage logs

March 02:
-Duel Match System added(ranking coming soon with rewards!)
-Int no longer increases SP(So SP is valuable, no more mindless skill spamming @ WoE such as continuous Storm Gust,etc, also to nerf Asura due to BG weapons)
-Dex no longer increases HIT
-Agi no longer increases FLEE
-Critical Damage= 2xNormal Damage + do not ignore FLEE
-Perfect dodge can dodge skills

Coming up:
-Lottery system that rewards donation items
-New Client
-15+ New custom headgears
-New MvP instance system

Latest comments

OldSohai Post time 2011-3-3 00:22:52
inu, how about the bug? you wanna know how to create? PM me
GraD0s Post time 2011-3-3 01:38:28
@hide Bug
Inu i hope u fix this .
They use the bug from 1vs!Duel .

[ Last edited by  GraD0s at 2011-3-4 12:21 ]
bobochan91 Post time 2011-3-3 01:45:13

Reply #3 GraD0s's post

it more to clocking bug, cus hide cant move.
GraD0s Post time 2011-3-3 01:49:26
GM commands @hide lol .
if cloaking we can see using Maya Purple card .
bobochan91 Post time 2011-3-3 01:53:04

Reply #5 GraD0s's post

oh,   forgot.. anyway it suck, they using this bug at woe.. other player cant even attact them , it just to suck.
inu about the new stats arghhh   i dont know what to say.. =-='''''
Fullmetal Post time 2011-3-3 03:59:13

disable phreeoni card
radian Post time 2011-3-3 04:39:47
Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
hellspit Post time 2011-3-3 04:40:03
how about the January 4th update? we need some details about it Admin! thank you
Light~Angel Post time 2011-3-3 08:55:15
if Disable Phreeoni and Mummy how does we kill people Magnumb Break?
OldSohai Post time 2011-3-3 09:25:32
admin, the Vit bug..VIT supposed to add Def.
U only said Dex (hit) and Agi (flee)
GuRLsisiD Post time 2011-3-3 10:18:03
Admin, i agree with sohai ^_^, vit effect is needed for more action 'bout build/counter build on
thanatos card/ice pick effect, ;D i want it back please,
and dont nerf phreeoni card please

- " N i C o "
radian Post time 2011-3-3 15:51:15
Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
Fullmetal Post time 2011-3-3 18:11:02
oh yeah dont disable at least nerf it

phreeoni +15hit rate or something

or divide all hit rate cards to 10

just saying

LET VIT AS IT IS!!!! j/k j/k
GraD0s Post time 2011-3-3 19:41:03

I hate this ..
its make woe BORING !!
OldSohai Post time 2011-3-3 20:12:54
ice why dont u try to log in.. everything became boring. PvP no more fun. Wth with all this stuff. Low damage etc. This server supposed to be High Rate
Aerith Post time 2011-3-4 00:01:14
yesterday i was kicking Troe asses, and now my gyspy AV is usseless.....
i tried Gyspy with Int but is not the same.... my AV still missing

+ its so annoying that Hide Bug that is used for those noobs for kill us...
we cant touch them

Inu please do something about this

[ Last edited by  Aerith at 2011-3-4 01:09 ]
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GuRLsisiD Post time 2011-3-4 01:05:02
xD 15 per hit on phree card is not enough xD my sniper still has 200flee+

- " N i C o "
savi_007_911 Post time 2011-3-4 06:05:25

Help Please

Can any 1 tell me how 2 attack if there is no Hit.......  
i had 2 put all 8 phree cards to hit people on sinx
Pls help........
GuillotineCross Post time 2011-3-4 06:37:13
try the CRITS  xD

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