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[Released]Reborn Upcoming Updates for April 2011

Publisher: InuYasha | Publish time: 2011-3-22 13:59| Views: 28750| Num of Comments: 106|Thread manage logs

-MvPs will be re-added
-Card drop rate will be restored to 0.5%(or 1% for Bubble Gum)
-MvPs will drop 1 old card album 100%(Only MvPs in new instance system)
-MvPs will each have its own instance with unique challenges(Limited resurrections, stats nerf, etc.)
-Each instance will be impossible to be complete with less than 5 party members(it is possible to partially complete it if you have less than 5 players)[CHANGED: There will be different modes: Easy, Normal, Hard, ETC]
-Only players with at least one 3rd class unlocked can create a party to enter these instances
-Upon completion of each instance, you will not be able to enter again until the following Tuesday 10 A.m.
-Also you will be rewarded with certain amount of Instance Points base of your party's performance in the instance(How long did it take the party to complete the instance, how many resurrections were used, etc.)[DELAYED]
-15 new custom items will be added and some of them can be exchanged for Instance Points [DELAYED]
-All Instanced MvP drops will be useful again as some of them will be chosen as quest items for the new quests
-All Instances will be using the new auction looting system, thus Zeny will be useful again.(Do not start farming zeny now, expect a zeny wipe before this update.)
-Maximum 3 of each job will be allowed in the instance
-Healing items delay increased significantly
-MvP loots will be enchanted if your party finishes the instance in a weekly record time
-Raid Group will be added(Multiple parties in 1 instance)


Latest comments

Tesco Post time 2011-3-22 14:12:22
-Card drop rate will be restored

Restored to the former .01/.05%?
Rigo Post time 2011-3-22 14:13:58
Sounds pretty fun... is the auction system similar to world of warcraft looting system?
Fullmetal Post time 2011-3-22 15:58:02
i guess it is /roll ^_^
InuYasha Post time 2011-3-22 16:03:51

Auction looting system

It's more like "Gold PUG" style, /roll base too much on luck to be fair.
This looting system lets people bid on the item they want, winner gets the item but loses the zeny he used to bid on the item. Everyone else gets a share of that zeny.
carlo_S123 Post time 2011-3-22 16:11:52
ok great
Rigo Post time 2011-3-22 16:32:14
By the way, when the zenny wipe happens will we get something in return for that zenny or will it just be wipe with nothing to get for it? Just asking so ill know and waste it if it comes to just the pure wipe.
OldSohai Post time 2011-3-22 20:46:46
oh great.. finally u implement this system after 3 month u talked about this..hope it wont take too long
btw, why only 3rd job can create party? how about newbie..most player here already have their own group to hunt.

[ Last edited by  OldSohai at 2011-3-22 20:48 ]
InuYasha Post time 2011-3-22 21:22:59
Probably % wipe, like you keep 10%.

Because this prevents abuse of multiple accounts trying to farm easy instances. Also newbies exclusion won't be that much of a problem as some instances will be very difficult, and having 1 additional player is better than nothing. In addition, they would gain more Instance Points due to the fewer resurrections/time they have to spent during the instance.
OldSohai Post time 2011-3-22 21:31:09
ok.. and sunglases [1] quest. hope u can implement it too. thx
InuYasha Post time 2011-3-22 21:33:29
That will be added to the Instance Point shop.
OldSohai Post time 2011-3-22 21:51:51
one request, can u add STFU SIGN (afro hat) on point NPC too. I think most of us miss that hat alot ;)

@xenaRo players

click [Like] on xena ragnarok new FB pages, on the top of this page

[ Last edited by  OldSohai at 2011-3-22 21:54 ]
Rigo Post time 2011-3-22 22:23:12
So 3rd class will be party leaders and reborn characters will be able to fill up the spots? So the more you take the better regarding the points about time and resurrects.
Is it possible to implement another npc where players will be able to unluck 3rd class through zenny? That could make zenny more valuable and since most items like treasure boxes have super low rate now on xena its not like it would be easy to farm around 500m+ to unlock a single class. ( and of course this would be after the zenny wipe )

[ Last edited by  Rigo at 2011-3-22 22:28 ]
OldSohai Post time 2011-3-22 22:30:31
good idea.. maybe 1b zeny to get 100 point.. make zeny more valuable ;D

[ Last edited by  OldSohai at 2011-3-22 22:31 ]
InuYasha Post time 2011-3-23 02:30:32

Reply #13 Rigo's post

Yes, only party leader has to have a 3rd class unlocked on his account, he does not have to use a 3rd class character to enter the instance.

Regarding the zeny unlock suggestion: Sure, but not anytime soon. This can only be implemented after all items have a stable zeny value then I can evaluate how much each unlock costs otherwise it would be unfair to the players who have already unlocked 3rd class.

Don't worry, I do not make custom items just to give them out to a couple of players.
Sakrai Post time 2011-3-23 04:10:36
Admin Inu update the 3rd job server 1000/120 pls~
Tzipers03 Post time 2011-3-23 07:48:38
Admin inu request fix the close equip
bobochan91 Post time 2011-3-23 09:54:59
yea inu plx fix the close equip,

and about 15 new custom, before u update it inu, can we know what kind of look all those custom! just curious how it look like,
GunzO Post time 2011-3-23 18:59:56


@Sohai WTH!!!! that is a bull shit sohai!!! You want to get STFU Sign Easily??? No way!

@Inu... I dont think so that you will do what sohai say about STFU Sign!!! I hope that you will be fair to me and to those people having that Event Gear... It is better to give the other Event Gear that was not yet given in reborn server... So please... I hope that you understand what i am saying...

[ Last edited by  GunzO at 2011-3-23 19:05 ]
savi_007_911 Post time 2011-3-23 20:57:16


I agree with sohai i also need STFU SIGN [afro hair] pls inu add that to MvM area.....!!!

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