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April 05 2011 Emergency Maintenance

Publisher: InuYasha | Publish time: 2011-4-6 02:05| Views: 9742| Num of Comments: 21|Thread manage logs

-24 hours roll back due to a critical bug(Donation items are safe to trade)
-Overpowered cards nerfed (Related to refinery upgrades, Baselevel, Joblevel, Stats requirements)
-Heal skill heals more depending on the targets Max HP
-MaxHP cards have their effect increased by 2500x(E.g. Pupa card -> Max HP + 700 = Max HP + 1.7mil)
-Ray of Genesis requires 2 Loyal Guards in the same party & map to become usable as required on Official kRO
-Emperium can now be healed.
-Flee cards has 2x the effect

Upcoming Updates:
Armor Enchanting System
Guild mentor system
Announced Updates in March

Latest comments

OldSohai Post time 2011-4-6 02:43:47
sir, the donates is fine?
InuYasha Post time 2011-4-6 02:52:56

Reply #2 OldSohai's post

OldSohai Post time 2011-4-6 03:02:07
what is critical bug?
related to the donates stuff? what happend? it bug or dupe or npc bug? o.o

[ Last edited by  OldSohai at 2011-4-6 03:03 ]
FsGwaPo Post time 2011-4-6 03:38:00

Reply #1 InuYasha's post

Nice update for the RayOfGenesis, How about for the SL? Will you update them now?
crazyongz Post time 2011-4-6 03:40:56
I just create Dragon Wing[1] last nite...
will it roll back oso??
1000 item so hard to correct...
redfox Post time 2011-4-6 05:13:12

Reply #6 crazyongz's post

I'll give u one +30Dragon wing[1] ..just catch me tomorrow ..

..This is awesome(updates). ..
Drugist Post time 2011-4-6 06:02:40


neversayno Post time 2011-4-6 07:28:10
Drugist ? Are you on?
mikca277 Post time 2011-4-6 09:17:57
wow nice update GM inu we cant wait
carlo_S123 Post time 2011-4-6 13:59:39
wow nice inu
UchihaItachi Post time 2011-4-7 01:18:57
Originally posted by crazyongz at 2011-4-6 03:40
I just create Dragon Wing last nite...
will it roll back oso??
1000 item so hard to correct...

Players have to make sacrifices in order to balance out the server. Hopefully you stay a while longer to farm those items again. I wish I could help you but I have yet to get a copy of xena again. But hey at least you didn't lose your donations.
rain9 Post time 2011-4-7 03:41:29
haha nice more updates admin
carlo_S123 Post time 2011-4-7 04:39:29
crazyongz Post time 2011-4-7 06:50:22
Sad lah...long time i didt play d..when play back den become like tis...boring d....
carlo_S123 Post time 2011-4-7 08:12:32
when will be available for upgrades, and finished
carlo_S123 Post time 2011-4-7 14:02:45
rain9 Post time 2011-4-7 19:07:01

Reply #15 crazyongz's post

lol its keeps gettin better la
mikca277 Post time 2011-4-7 21:54:08

Reply #15 crazyongz's post

just w8, inu make big updates this April

[ Last edited by  mikca277 at 2011-4-8 00:55 ]
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Yakuza Post time 2011-4-10 09:45:36

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