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May 15 2011 Update

Publisher: InuYasha | Publish time: 2011-5-15 04:16| Views: 26973| Num of Comments: 64|Thread manage logs

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AngelOfGay Post time 2011-5-18 22:04:28
Inu.. Please Return the effect of the old cards... and Instance is really hard..
rain9 Post time 2011-5-19 00:34:54
This sucks bigtime if old cards doesnt have effect then how can we get new cards if drop rate is 0.1 wew
keketi123 Post time 2011-5-19 03:07:51
GM the thana despero is not adding int when you put it on a +30 shield. Pls fix it ) thanks
keketi123 Post time 2011-5-19 03:55:42
and the seyrens, thana odium and chung e

[ Last edited by  keketi123 at 2011-5-19 03:57 ]
Aerith Post time 2011-5-19 09:29:55
Originally posted by InuYasha at 2011-5-15 05:16
-OLD old card album cards(NON-MVP/NOT MINIBOSS) have lost their effects, can only be traded in MvM arena IN THE FUTURE
-New OCA(OLD CARD ALBUMS) drop 100% by defeating the boss of each instance and th ...

Did you guys have read this?

this is the reason for is not working normal cards

but Wenkz have reason...

Why the boss of thanatos are not working (despero,maero, dolor and odium)???

[ Last edited by  Aerith at 2011-5-19 11:05 ]
keketi123 Post time 2011-5-19 15:51:33
sorry i didnt read that! but its a mini boss right?
Light~Angel Post time 2011-5-19 16:12:08
ok sry didn't read that but thanatos maero odium etc isn't miniboss >_> they dont have slaves >_>
rensonxd Post time 2011-5-19 20:09:02
Uhm. Admin Inu, could you atleast make the old cards usable? Like uhm. for BDBs , coloring VH , MVM
or whatever. >_< Thanks!
Aerith Post time 2011-5-19 21:09:10

I check those cards here in ratemyserver.net and it says they are miniboss
AngelOfGay Post time 2011-5-19 21:51:52
Inu Please... Just fix it.. all player want the old system of xenaro, please.. just return the effect of all old cards,then we can enter instance once a week only... we need to wait.. -_- please... inu Thx..
DOTCOM Post time 2011-5-20 00:54:24

Reply #22 rain9's post

this update really sux... i don't think inu really care for xena oldie players,,, thats why many players pub at prontera S>Account...lmao
mikca277 Post time 2011-5-20 02:39:33
just fix the new char bug   they imune all status cursed,stun,stone,sleep etc..

[ Last edited by  mikca277 at 2011-5-20 02:44 ]
AngelOfGay Post time 2011-5-20 03:17:01
yeah... fix all of it... also the RG's -_-
rensonxd Post time 2011-5-20 19:42:21
waaaaaaaaa. don't fix the cards, many people already traded it for MVM . -__-
keketi123 Post time 2011-5-21 00:39:12

Reply #29 Aerith's post

i checked it too. and its a miniboss )
rensonxd Post time 2011-5-21 04:49:20
admin Inu? whats up with Prontera being a PVP Ground? -__-
sakina Post time 2011-5-21 10:28:55


Admin can u please remove the pvp update from prontera it upset many player's
AngelOfGay Post time 2011-5-21 11:16:32
INU... please,please,please,!!! dont make the REBORN just like at the Upper
server...  thats the main Town of xena.. just for trading,chating,etc...
Reinhart Post time 2011-5-21 14:07:18
why still bother to moan complaining bout things on the server? that was xena before... and this is xena now... you people got no choice but to adapt to changes... and if you dont want to you can always go and do something with your lives...
OldSohai Post time 2011-5-21 14:47:27
because Xena is like 70% part of their life?

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