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May 15 2011 Update

Publisher: InuYasha | Publish time: 2011-5-15 04:16| Views: 26972| Num of Comments: 64|Thread manage logs

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Reinhart Post time 2011-6-17 03:57:53
quitted i suppose. or migrated to another server.

the thing i dont understand is: if you check the top right of your monitor and seen the facebook like shit.. it'll say xena is liked by 470+ people... but if you log on the server. its just a ghosttown... so what the fuck is this about?

im guessing some of the people who plays here uses so many fuckin facbook accounts to like xena... if not... then can somebody explain this shit to me please... im beggin...

[ Last edited by  Reinhart at 2011-6-17 19:20 ]
OldSohai Post time 2011-6-17 14:19:11
most of the 'like' were from newbies at 999.. many player at 999 now. 150+ player. 3 Guild when WOE. each guild can reach 20 members online. Population there increasing everyday

[ Last edited by  OldSohai at 2011-6-17 14:20 ]
Ford Post time 2011-6-22 03:51:22
Originally posted by GraD0s at 2011-6-15 01:32 AM
hahahha .
Moving too 999/120

move to 255/120... i can help yah ;)
Sakrai Post time 2011-6-22 21:23:38
err the server 255 was remove .
paultulkas Post time 2011-7-1 15:07:59


1  Remove MVP Arena

2.  go into the monster database and remove spawn times  on all MVps so if you kill it instantly respawns randomly some where else on the map. this only takes  20 mins or less to change numbers to 0

if you need help with this

msn is Paul_Tulkasiro@hotmail.com

i can do it for you.  no i don't wanna be a gm or a scripter.

3rd. i never see ORI or ELu hell even rough elu or ORi  some of us newbies are having  hard time  gettin thoese refine coupons when  other guild members get them first.

i also say safe limit  on level 3 weapons and armor to be +7 ORI or Elunium.

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