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May 15 2011 Update

Publisher: InuYasha | Publish time: 2011-5-15 04:16| Views: 26575| Num of Comments: 64|Thread manage logs

-OLD old card album cards(NON-MVP/NOT MINIBOSS) have lost their effects, can only be traded in MvM arena IN THE FUTURE
-New OCA(OLD CARD ALBUMS) drop 100% by defeating the boss of each instance and their card effect WORKS
-Please read the DETAILS before entering instance as there are IMPORTANT information
-Following items have been wiped:
Sleipnir(Can now be obtain via God Item quest)
Osiris Card
Beelzebub Card(Old cards were from QUESTS, now there is MVP)
-New Instance system released
-Old MvP map hunting system returned
*New instance system has higher drop rate, rewards OCA, Instance point, and enchanted loots
-Ally player can attack other ally players to break frozen status

Latest comments

djandal0603 Post time 2011-5-15 04:34:59
what!? now I dont have sleipnir that quest is sooooooo long and hard lol
FsGwaPo Post time 2011-5-15 05:45:06

Reply #1 InuYasha's post

Too much nerf to the damages. -____-
Light~Angel Post time 2011-5-15 08:58:43
Normal Cards Can't Be tradeD!!!!!!!!!
AngelOfGay Post time 2011-5-15 23:05:40
dczy Post time 2011-5-17 01:50:08


OldSohai Post time 2011-5-17 02:42:52
-Sir inu, i think xena last year was fine. Players just want additional things for updates, like MVP, new items, hairstyle, new GM, drop rate, more quest, more events HOST BY GM, balance zeny, new things that attract newbies. But all we can see is wipe things, nerf things, unbalance damage.

-Many things getting harder for newbies, even group of oldbies having problem in WOE, fighting over damage 3rdjob & hunting. If oldbie with good set having problem with this, how come new player can even survive this things. Dont think so.

-To be honest, duel getting suck. Damage is unbalance. Most of the job getting dumb in server. That is why no more people at go 15 to duel. Can u bring back the old system. Where player really enjoy dueling.

-This is just an opinion from most of our population here! dont be mad. Hope you can take this note for your upcoming update. We just want an additional things from xenaro last year. Not a big changes like today. thx alot. we all Love inu <3


[ Last edited by  OldSohai at 2011-5-17 02:45 ]
djandal0603 Post time 2011-5-17 03:10:28
yeah like duels lasting 1-5 mins or if the pro's duel might get to 10 mins
peppperr Post time 2011-5-17 03:23:28
admin you driving players away.. since this update.. the population dropped. i agree with sohai.. please bring backthe old system.
rain9 Post time 2011-5-17 03:53:54
Nice update you made half of the xena community quit -.-
peppperr Post time 2011-5-17 04:06:55

Reply #10 rain9's post

yeah. please bring back the old system inu.
sakina Post time 2011-5-17 07:51:35

Dear Admin!!

THis is unfair !!!

You said u will increase the drop rate from 0.02% to 0.05%  but u make it 0.01% and also u increase mvm price to + half quest not working

Like : sharingan + lord khano hor + berbzuz card + endles tower lvl 100 not their

+ you remove nice card MVP like Valkyrie , Kiel

+ u make the dungon for 3 job only how can we new come go n hunt

please hlep us atleast incerase the drop rate a llil bit so that we new player can atleast hutn cards
rensonxd Post time 2011-5-17 08:16:28
lol. because of continuous updates. Xena's population from

60 -----> 20 LOL >_< more than half. could you just please return old updates?
FsGwaPo Post time 2011-5-17 08:38:42
Agree from those people who are complaining about the update.

- Yea, We need additional update from the old XenaRO system but not a QUICK UPDATE turning OLD XenaRO SYSTEM into A REALLY NEW SYSTEM that makes us oldbies / players quit. Not to offend you but that's true. We oldbies are the only people remaining who keeps on playing XenaRO ( except for some new newbies ) So please, do something about this. Hope you'll understand our own opinions.    
mikca277 Post time 2011-5-17 10:07:09
waiting for updates
mikca277 Post time 2011-5-18 08:06:15
GM inu pls add new items in MvM tnx
rain9 Post time 2011-5-18 20:10:02
When he said update he really means UPDATE! totally changed the whole system lmfao admin atleast make it fair for the newbies how can they cope up with the items of the oldbie since droprate sucks
rensonxd Post time 2011-5-18 20:15:43

Reply #17 rain9's post

agree, but If you don't want to return normal drop rate. could you atleast let us use the Stocked cards for MVM or for coloring Our VH? -__-
Light~Angel Post time 2011-5-18 20:16:34
hey Why normal Cards dont work!!!!!!
i use 2 Seyren and no add str >_>

+30VH[1] W/Seyren Card
+30Demon W[1] W/Seyren Card
+30Valkyrie Shoes W/Thana Odium Card

it dont Work no Str no Agi

[ Last edited by  Light~Angel at 2011-5-18 20:24 ]
AngelOfGay Post time 2011-5-18 22:02:22
thats the new UPDATE,OLD CARD dont have effect NOW BUT NEW CARDS FROM INSTANCE or FROM OCA.. will have..

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