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May 15 2011 Update[2011-05-15]
InuYasha -OLD old card album cards(NON-MVP/NOT MINIBOSS) have lost their effects, can only be traded in MvM arena IN THE FUTURE -New OCA(OLD CARD ALBUMS) drop 100% by defeating the boss of each instance and their card effect WORKS -Please read the DETAILS before entering instance as there are IMPORTANT information -Following items have been wiped: Sleipnir(Can now be obtain via God Item quest) Osiris Card Beelzebub Card(Old cards were from QUESTS, now there is MVP) -New Instance system released -Old MvP ...
Replies: 64
May 8th 2011 Work-In-Progress Updates[2011-04-18]
InuYasha The instance system is 99% done and you guys can try it out on 999.120 server. Thank you for your patienceļ¼¾ļ¼¾ Phase 1: -Base SP nerfed -Intellect will now increase user's SP again but at a much lower rate -Sharingan Bug Fix Can only cast copied skills while wearing sharingan Copied skills will not be lost when re-equipping/logoff -3 seconds delay on Body Relocation, Backslide -Status effects/reflect/etc bug -Missing 3rd class item sellers -Heal is totally dependent on user's intellect -3rd cl ...
Replies: 176
April 05 2011 Emergency Maintenance[2011-04-06]
InuYasha -24 hours roll back due to a critical bug(Donation items are safe to trade) -Overpowered cards nerfed (Related to refinery upgrades, Baselevel, Joblevel, Stats requirements) -Heal skill heals more depending on the targets Max HP -MaxHP cards have their effect increased by 2500x(E.g. Pupa card -> Max HP + 700 = Max HP + 1.7mil) -Ray of Genesis requires 2 Loyal Guards in the same party & map to become usable as required on Official kRO -Emperium can now be healed. -Flee cards has 2x the effect Up ...
Replies: 21
[Released]Reborn Upcoming Updates for Ap[2011-03-22]
InuYasha -MvPs will be re-added -Card drop rate will be restored to 0.5%(or 1% for Bubble Gum) -MvPs will drop 1 old card album 100%(Only MvPs in new instance system) -MvPs will each have its own instance with unique challenges(Limited resurrections, stats nerf, etc.) -Each instance will be impossible to be complete with less than 5 party members(it is possible to partially complete it if you have less than 5 players)[CHANGED: There will be different modes: Easy, Normal, Hard, ETC] -Only players with at ...
Replies: 106
Reborn Update Mar 21 2011[2011-03-21]
InuYasha -Pdef/Defense penetration now increases damage base on your targets current health, higher health up to 10x more damage, lower health up to 100% less damage, and it no longer ignores defense. No longer works against non players. -Storm gust no longer knocks your target around -MvM arena added -High damage will now be displayed as 32767 or 999999 -Certain random cards obtained from MvPs in the past are now removed -Credits increased for 3rd job unlocking for SinX and LK card
Replies: 15
March 02 2011 Updates[2011-03-03]
InuYasha March 02: -Duel Match System added(ranking coming soon with rewards!) -Int no longer increases SP(So SP is valuable, no more mindless skill spamming @ WoE such as continuous Storm Gust,etc, also to nerf Asura due to BG weapons) -Dex no longer increases HIT -Agi no longer increases FLEE -Critical Damage= 2xNormal Damage + do not ignore FLEE -Perfect dodge can dodge skills Coming up: -Lottery system that rewards donation items -New Client -15+ New custom headgears -New MvP instance system ...
Replies: 38
Feburary 20 2011 Updates[2011-02-20]
InuYasha Soccer have 2 additional modes added: -No skill Mode -No PK Mode -You will now get 1 less Bravery Badge from playing Soccer -AFK detection You may now exchange cards for 3rd class credits with the NPC Upcoming Updates: Duel Match System(1v1 ranked PK): -Will be coming back with new features -Top players will receive rewards on weekly basis All the unfinished January Updates.
Replies: 19
Feburary 04 2011 Upcoming Updates[2011-02-04]
InuYasha Here are a list of items I am working on RIGHT NOW: Soccer will have 2 additional modes added: -No skill Mode -No PK Mode -You will now get 1 less Bravery Badge from winning Soccer -AFK detection Duel Match System(1v1 ranked PK): -Will be coming back with new features -Top players will receive rewards on weekly basis All the unfinished January Updates.
Replies: 12
January 2011 Upcoming Updates[2011-01-14]
InuYasha Xena->kRO updates Estimated Completion Time: 1 Day 3rd Class NPC Unlocker Estimated Completion Time: 1-2 Days Balance Patch Estimated Completion Time: 2-4 Days Client Update Patch Estimated Completion Time: 4-7 Days 10+ New Custom Headgears Estimated Completion Time: 4-7 Days
Replies: 14
Welcome New GM's and Welcome back Hi[2010-12-23]
Olliver XenaRO Would like to welcome the new Sub-GM to XenaRO! As you all know Hellz has been training for XenaRO Sub-GM (In Game Moderator) and is now officially on the team! His in game character name is [Moderator]Frosty His Forum ID IS Rigo He is Hired for help with any in game help such as how to use commands, help with item information, and in game Moderation. He will be ensuring you all enjoy a happy XenaRO Community by removing spam / bots / and foul mouth players ! If you have ...
Replies: 17

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